Furniture Upholstery Cleaning in DeSoto County, MS, Memphis & Shelby County, TN and Surrounding Areas

Sofas and Carpet — Carpet Cleaning in Shelby County, TN
Restore the natural beauty to your sofas, chairs and other furniture by calling A-Mays-N-Carpet today! Your family spends a lot of time on your furniture, and with any frequently used surface comes dirt and grime. Over time, your furniture can collect food crumbs, dust, pollen, stains, and even pet dander. Did you know that in homes with carpet flooring, up to 80% of the dust that comes into your home could end up on the furniture? Don't get stuck with dirty furniture upholstery, give us a call!
When you choose us, you are choosing to extend the life of your furniture in a way that is healthy for you, your family, and even your pets! Our expert cleaners will refresh your furniture, which will bring a whole new feeling to your living space.

Stain Protection

Protect your clean furniture with stain protection! This will keep your furniture looking great, while preventing the need for frequent cleaning. This technology will repel dirt, grime, and other stains to minimize the effect of daily living on your furniture.
We will clean even the deepest, most difficult stains to restore your furniture to a healthy, clean state! Call us today for your estimate!